Guess What Psaki Just Said About Police Defunding (VIDEO)

During her Monday presser, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that it was the Republicans who are trying to defund the police.

There was not one person in that room who believed that the statement was anything else than a spin, including Psaki herself.

Her argument made as little sense as the claim itself.

So, this is Psaki’s logic – since the Republicans voted against Biden’s massive Covid relief plan and the plan mentions funds for “community policing” then, says Psaki, it’s the Republicans who are defunding the police.

So, let us get this straight – the Liberals (who have already defunded police departments in a few Democrat-led cities) love cops, and the problem is with the Republicans (who have been trying to prevent defunding every step of the way).

Is that what we’re supposed to believe, Jen?!?

This is probably one of the worst arguments we’ve heard from Psaki yet.

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