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Trump Makes This Bold Statement Against Radical Left

For the past two years, the Manhattan DA has been looking for ways to attack the Trump organization.

And Trump released a bold statement openly speaking his mind.

From the statement:

The political Witch Hunt by the Radical Left Democrats, with New York now taking over the assignment, continues. It is dividing our country like never before.

When they didn’t find any of the things they were looking for, they charged Allen Weisselberg, Trump Organization’s CFO, for tax fraud and said that he ‘received tax-free perks such as apartments and car leases.’

These types of cases are almost never pursued, but the witch hunt of Trump and everyone connected to him never ends.

“I’ve been practicing for over 50 years, and I’ve never seen a case like this,” Trump lawyer Ron Fischetti said.

The Gateway Pundit

There’s no other way to address attacks like these than face-on like Trump is doing it.

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it probably is a duck. And this one walks and talks like a political witchhunt against Trump.

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