You’ll Never Guess What CNN Said About China (VIDEO)

President Trump has been very clear about what he thinks is the greatest threat to our national security. It’s the communist state of China.

And the numbers prove it – from confrontational economic politics to military growth.

Yet, CNN celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party as if they were talking about their dearest friends.

Listening to CNN’s Christie Le Stout gush over Xi Jinping’s is infuriating.

It sounds like she has no idea that when he talks about China’s “great wall of steel” against foreign countries, he means America.

See for yourself and pay attention to the way Lu Stout ‘salivates’ over China’s display of power.

I have only one thing to add – if someone played me this tape without the CNN signage, I’d never guess this is American TV.

It reads and sounds like Chinese propaganda.

There. I said it.

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