Dear Amazon, Jig Is Up…We Finally Know the Agenda Behind Your Wokeness

Amazon is a ruthless behemoth in sheep’s clothing.

But the sheep costume is poorly made in China, and we can see right through it.

I’ll explain in a minute what I mean by that…let’s take a step back.

If I had to separate woke people into groups based on the reasons behind their wokeness, this is how I’d do it:

  • There’s the 1% that’s pushing the whole agenda with ulterior motives of controlling our country
  • There’s probably around 60-70% of feeble-minded folk who have been brainwashed into believing the hogwash
  • There’s a significant number of people who don’t really believe what they’re saying but go along with it because they might otherwise be ostracized (probably my least favorite group because they’re ruining this country willingly for breadcrumbs)
  • Finally, there’s the 5% of CEO, CFOs, and whatnots who accept it because it’s making them rich

The last group in the list above is where Amazon belongs.

They are using woke language to justify exploiting their workers like no other company.

The conditions in their facilities are so bad that they’re burning through workers and then try to explain it all as giving new people equal opportunities.

What does that mean exactly? Let me put it in plain terms…

It means that if the American worker doesn’t take their abuse, there might be an immigrant who will.

And Amazon will say they’re hiring the said immigrant because they want to be inclusive.

That doesn’t pass the smell test.

They just want more money. More. More. That’s it.

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