This Chinese Cartoon About 4th of July Has All Conservatives Fuming

The weak leadership of the Biden administration has directly resulted in “competing” nations taking cheap shots at America.

I put the word “competing” to stress that China shows signs of aggression rather than healthy competition.

Xinhua News Agency just tweeted an insulting cartoon about the USA, ridiculing the wave of violent crime we saw over the weekend.

When you see their cartoon below, do bear in mind that Xinhua is state-owned. And you can bet your bottom dollar that everything that comes out from the agency has been vetted by the Communist Party.

The USA did nothing to provoke this.

Those are important facts to keep in mind because it means that China has a clear intention of sending a worldwide message that they’re the top dog and can do whatever they want.

They can even preach about freedom.

OF COURSE, THEY AREN’T THE TOP DOG – it’s just that our current feeble leadership has a frail bark.
This deserves a Trump-like response.

And it did get some delicious replies.

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