Trump UNLOADS After PETTY Debate Rule Change

They’re protecting Biden at all costs… According to The Blaze, President Donald Trump’s campaign responded quickly to a last-minute debate rule change that will mute each candidate’s microphone while the other is speaking. “President Donald Trump is committed to debating…

Liberal State CAUGHT In Voter FRAUD Scheme

This election is a hoax already! According to The Blaze, a new Massachusetts law would allow the state to count votes of people who have died in the upcoming Presidential election. “These are people who are alive and competent when…

CNN Anchor DESPERATELY Tries to Prevent THIS From Airing

They can’t stop the truth from coming out… According to The Daily Wire, CNN host John Berman tried to stop a video of President Donald Trump removing his mask at the White House from airing. “We’re looking at 210,000 Americans…

Biden Fumbles AGAIN On Camera

Things are getting really bad for Joe.

Trump TEARS Into Adam Schiff, EXPOSES His True Colors

Here’s what he said.

Fox News Host WARNS Republican Traitor Of THIS

Here’s what he said.

Judge Jeanine BREAKS Silence On Impeachment, STUNS Democrats

Democrats don’t know what just hit them.

Judge Has BAD NEWS For Jussie Smollett

America is getting another shot at delivering justice after one Cook County judge made a ruling to set things right. 

Crazed Democrat Wants Testimony By Force

In a stunning example of Democratic overreach, one congressman is suggesting extreme action be taken to get Attorney General William Barr’s testimony. 

The TRUTH Of The DNC Server Cover Up

Special Counsel Robert Mueller noted in his report that his team did not “obtain or examine” the Democratic National Committee servers and the “reason” is insane.