Judge Jeanine BREAKS Silence On Impeachment, STUNS Democrats

Democrats don’t know what just hit them.

Judge Has BAD NEWS For Jussie Smollett

America is getting another shot at delivering justice after one Cook County judge made a ruling to set things right. 

Crazed Democrat Wants Testimony By Force

In a stunning example of Democratic overreach, one congressman is suggesting extreme action be taken to get Attorney General William Barr’s testimony. 

The TRUTH Of The DNC Server Cover Up

Special Counsel Robert Mueller noted in his report that his team did not “obtain or examine” the Democratic National Committee servers and the “reason” is insane.

Teacher Gives Lesson, Charged With Racism

Dennis Unverferth has been a teacher for over ten years. Well liked by his students and his community, he is considered a model educator. Which is why it’s so surprising that a video he used for teaching has brought charges…

Feds Target Facebook over ‘Backdoor Deals’

Things keep getting worse for Facebook. Aside from being used to stream a vicious New Zealand massacre, it has now been reported that an investigation is being made into the social media giant. 

Trump Targets Thieving CA Gov

President Donald Trump is coming down hard on the California governor that is trying to keep $3.5 billion in federal funding after canceling the project to which the money was designated.

Comey Offers Truth On Hillary

Once upon a time, former FBI Director James Comey actually labeled Hillary Clinton as “extremely careless” for her use of private emails. However that doesn’t seem to have any bearing with Comey as he declares that Clinton has “zero chance”…

Pelosi’s Travel Ban A Long Time In The Making

President Donald Trump recently sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to inform her that her scheduled trip would be delayed in favor of addressing the shutdown. But it’s becoming more clear that Pelosi has had this coming. 

A Tale Of Torture In China

New light has been shed on the reeducation camps that China’s Communist Party deny exist. The National Press Club interviewed an Uighur woman, hearing her story of detainment and abuse.