Stuckey Stumps Progressives On Gender

Allie Beth Stuckey hosts the podcast “Relatable” as a “Conservative Millennial.” She recently spoke with Glenn Beck about her inflammatory tweet targeting the discussion of children under 10 changing gender. 

To Safeguard A Migrant Family, Church In The Netherlands Holds Five Weeks of Non-Stop Service

An Armenian family who’s asylum request to the Netherlands was denied, has found sanctuary with a local church.

Kid Rock Calls for Civility, Then Calls Joy Behar A B****

In an interview with “Fox and Friends,” musician Kid Rock promoted more cordial relations within politics, right before declaring his profane dislike of “The View” cohost Joy Behar.

Ocasio-Cortez Puts Social Media To Work

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made waves through the internet as she started to lift the veil on political process via social media.

Hasbro Making Waves with ‘Monopoly for Millennials’

The latest incarnation of the beloved Hasbro game has the public divided between rolling on the floor laughing and so much hate.

Japan Appoints Minister of Cybersecurity Who Has Never Used A Computer

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe appointed a new minister of cybersecurity, one who admits to having never used a computer.

The Brave Refuse as High School Students Give Nazi Salute

Baraboo High School in Wisconsin came under scrutiny when a class picture portrayed the class making Sieg Heil gestures. While on student objected.

Dan Crenshaw Sets Things Right on ‘SNL’ and Beyond

Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw appeared on “Saturday Night Live” and NBC News to help promote veterans and forgiveness.

‘Say you’re sorry’: Creators of ‘South Park’ Make Amends with Al Gore

“South Park” aims to apologize for mocking Al Gore’s evangelism on climate change with new episode.

Suing for Youth: ‘You can change your gender. Why not your age?’

69-year-old Dutchman Emile Ratelband is seeking to legally change his age to 20 years younger.