MSNBC Host Gets Caught On HOT MIC Saying WHAT?

This really is a disaster for the Democrats.

Hillary LOSES IT, ATTACKS Trump’s Presidency

Did she forget she is a two-timed failed democratic presidential candidate?

Hillary HITS ROCK BOTTOM, Lashes Out At Trump

She let her emotions get the best of her…

AOC’s Newest 2020 Challenger Comes Out SWINGING

“There is a crisis in Queens…”

IDIOT AOC Embraces Her New Nickname

How dumb can she really be?

Meghan McCain Comes Totally UNHINGED Over Trump

She can cry us a river for all we care…

Carson Tells Democrats To Take A Hike

Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary is bucking Democrats who have called for his resignation. 

Ocasio-Cortez Turns On Her Own Party
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently went on the attack while speaking at Howard University, even making targets of some of her fellow Democrats. AOC was once again pushing some of the policies outlined in her Green New Deal while blasting politicians…
Trump ROASTS James Comey
President Donald Trump is no fan of former FBI director James Comey and reinforced that opinion in a scalding rebuke of the official.  During a CNN town hall Comey drew the president’s ire by bashing numerous decisions made by Trump…