IDIOT AOC Embraces Her New Nickname

How dumb can she really be?

Meghan McCain Comes Totally UNHINGED Over Trump

She can cry us a river for all we care…

Carson Tells Democrats To Take A Hike

Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary is bucking Democrats who have called for his resignation. 

Ocasio-Cortez Turns On Her Own Party

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently went on the attack while speaking at Howard University, even making targets of some of her fellow Democrats.

Trump ROASTS James Comey

President Donald Trump is no fan of former FBI director James Comey and reinforced that opinion in a scalding rebuke of the official. 

Hillary Clinton Calls Patriotism Racist

Hillary Clinton is still sore from her defeat by President Donald Trump. Now in a renewed effort to bash the president, Hillary is now claiming that his patriotic campaign slogan is a “white nationalist slogan.”

Gov. Threatens To ‘Punch’ Trump

The rhetoric against President Donald Trump has officially gotten out of hand, after one town’s governor claimed he would get physical with the sitting U.S. president. 

Trump’s Lawyer Vows To ‘Aggressively’ Protect THIS

Jay Sekulow, personal lawyer to President Donald Trump, shared on CNN’s “New Day” that he would would not allow Trump’s written answers to special counsel Robert Mueller to be made public.

Petty Pelosi Punishes Pence

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has apparently been looking for places to blow off steam after being forced to admit she would not be pursuing impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden Eats His Words

Progressives do not want to make amends with conservatives, a fact that is being demonstrated as they force former Vice President Joe Biden to backtrack comments he made about current Vice President Mike Pence.