Bernie Sanders SLIPS, Shows His TRUE Colors

This is who the left looks up to…

Biden Admits THIS Hard Truth To Supporters

The truth finally came out of Joe Biden…

Beto DITCHES America, Campaigns In MEXICO

This is how much Beto O’Rourke cares about America…

Democrats FREAK OUT Over This Candidate

Democrats have joined with MSM in smearing a Marine vet who is running for Congress.

Undercover Video Exposes Voter Fraud in FL, NH
There have been many suspicions that voter fraud has been occurring within United States elections. Now, undercover work from projectveritas confirms these fears.  A tweet shared by investigative reporter James O’Keefe shows how an individual with residences in two states…
Schumer Sounds Off on Trump’s ‘Attempting to Bully the Election Officials in Florida’

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer unloaded on Gov. Rick Scott and President Donald Trump during a recent press conference. Accusing them of “attempting to bully the election officials” in regards to the Florida elections.

Conservative States Vote For Higher Minimum Wage and Expanded Medicaid

Numerous conservative states have approved ballot measures usually championed by Democrats.

Safe Spaces for Disparaged Student Voters

Marquette University is one of the first to continue to the trend of babying college students who are “suffering” from the election.

GOP Loses House, But Trump Still Victorious

While there were many Republicans loses in the midterm elections, most still held their positions which include majority in the U.S. Senate.