Biden AG Nominee SILENT After Being Asked THIS

This speaks volumes… According to The Daily Wire, President Joe Biden’s pick for Attorney General, Merrick Garland, balked when Sen. Josh Hawley asked if he believed illegal entry at the United States borders should be considered a crime. “Well, I…

Republican Traitor Says The UNTHINKABLE About Trump

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Treasury Secretary TURNS On Biden

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Mitch McConnell BETRAYS Trump On Air

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CNN Compares Trump’s Lawyers To WHAT?

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Liberals FURIOUS After GOP Governor Says THIS

They’re not happy to hear this… According to The Daily Wire, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defended his approach to handling the COVID-19 pandemic in his state, claiming he has helped “lift people up” instead of forcing lock downs. “We have…

Biden LOSES It, Blames Trump For THIS

He’s just making excuses at this point… According to The Blaze, President Joe Biden defended signing a record-setting amount of executive orders since taking office, and instead blamed them on former President Donald Trump’s previous executive action. “There’s a lot…

Republican Just Said WHAT About Trump Supporters

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Furious Democrat LOSES Her Mind Over Republicans

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