Scaramucci Fingers Trump As ‘An Intentional Liar’

Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications director, responded to calling the President a liar by admitting that Trump lies purposefully to rouse reactions from the left.

Trump To Stop Migrants By ‘Bringing Out the Military’

The President has declared that he is “bringing out the military” as a means of securing the U.S. border from a wave of Central American migrants attempting to enter the United States.

Former Vice President Biden and Actor Robert De Niro Latest Bomb Targets

A serial bomber has sent more malicious packages, in a string of attacks on Democrats and critics of President Donald Trump.

More Explosives Attempted to be Mailed to Former Presidents, White House and CNN.

Several more explosives or otherwise suspicious packages have been found and halted addressed to the residences of former President Obama, former President Clinton, the White House and CNN offices.

New Hampshire Proof of Residency Voter Requirement Put on Hold

A judge in New Hampshire has barred a law that would require some voters to show proof of residency when they register.

Manhattan Metropolitan Republican Club Attacked By Vandals

In a politically motivated attempt to intimidate rivals, vandals defaced the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan.