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Rush Limbaugh Explains REAL Reason For Lockdown

This is what is what he said…

Nadler And Ocasio-Cortez Want To Do WHAT?

They must be insane…

Ocasio-Cortez LOSES It, Says The UNTHINKABLE

She’s completely lost her mind.

Dr. Deborah Birx Makes SHOCKING Statement

American can’t take anymore of this.

Democrat SNAPS, Tells Americans To Do THIS

Here’s what he said.

Democrats ERUPT After Pastor Drops Trump Bombshell

Finally someone admits the truth.

Nasty Democrat Gets EXACTLY What He Deserves

His past is coming back to bite him…

Kayleigh McEnany WRECKS Lying Reporter

She wasn’t about to let him off the hook for this one!

Maxine Waters NEW NAME For Trump Rallies

Republicans couldn’t get away with saying something like this.