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DESPERATE Adam Schiff Says THIS About Impeachment

When will he ever stop lying?

Hollywood Director SNAPS, Compares Trump To WHAT?

This is crossing the line.

CNN Host SNAPS, Takes AIM At Rudy Giuliani

Here’s what she said.

BREAKING: Meghan McCain Just SIDED With WHO?

This is very strange.

Trump FURIOUS After Fox News Does The UNTHINKABLE

Millions of conservatives only watch Fox News, this was a huge mistake on their end…

The View’s Joy Behar Just Couldn’t Keep Her Mouth Shut

Why does mainstream media give idiots like this platforms to speak on?

Judge Jeanine BREAKS Silence On Impeachment, STUNS Democrats

Democrats don’t know what just hit them.

THIS 2020 Democrat Wants WHO To Endorse Him?

He’s lost all his marbles.

Democrats FLIP OUT After THIS Billboard Pops Up In Time Square

The entire world needs to see this!