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Gov. Threatens To ‘Punch’ Trump

The rhetoric against President Donald Trump has officially gotten out of hand, after one town’s governor claimed he would get physical with the sitting U.S. president. 

Stunning Dismissal Of Celebrity Charges

Delivering a slap in the face to anyone who appreciates the pursuit of justice, charges against actor Jussie Smollet have been dropped according to statements made by his legal team.

BREAKING: Trump Reigns In U.S. Department

President Donald Trump has announced via his Twitter account that he would be overriding a recent move by one U.S. department.

BREAKING: Jetliner Grounded Worldwide

President Donald Trump has joined the international community in declaring that all U.S. Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes be grounded after a second devastating crash involved the particular model.

Why Did Hillary Just Reactivate Her Law License?

Rumors abound as many are considering the implications that have arisen from Hillary Clinton getting her Arkansas law license reinstated. 

Another Boost For Trump

President Trump has been on a roll lately and a new finding from RealClearPolitics confirms the news.


In a delivery from the White House Rose Garden, President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency over security at the southern border of the United States.