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Pelosi Loses TOTAL Control, Democrats Heckle Her

She should step down because the democrats are going in the very dangerous direction…


This wasn’t an honest and fair investigation…

Kamala Harris Hits ROCK BOTTOM

Thinks are looking bleak for Kamala…

Carson Tells Democrats To Take A Hike

Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary is bucking Democrats who have called for his resignation. 

Joe Biden CAUGHT Getting Handsy AGAIN

No one is safe around Joe…

Ocasio-Cortez Unleashes RACIST Tirade On WHITES

How much more is she going to get away with?

This State Just Made A Historic Decision

It may have taken hours of debate, but one state’s legislation just voted to pass legislation that could have monumental effects on the United States as a whole. 

Liberals New Name For MOTHER’S DAY

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, Liberals are once again perpetually offended.

Conservative Men Come Under FIRE

They are trying to do everything they can.

Biden’s Loyalties Lie Outside The US

Joe Biden, former vice president and leading presidential candidate among Democrats just revealed what he surprisingly believes is America’s “obligation.”