Rashida Tlaib Pushes To Crash Economy

She’s really out to ruin everything…

Vietnam Vets ANGRY about ‘Pride’ Flag Flying Where It Should NEVER Be

This is so demeaning especially to Vietnam veterans who risked their life to protect our country…

Biden’s Solution To Gun Violence: “JAMES BOND”

He REALLY floated this idea…

BREAKING: Lindsey Graham EXPOSES Hillary’s Dirty Secret

How much longer is the left going to ignore this man…

Conservatives LAUGH at Disney’s Silly Threat

Disney’s threat to Republicans is falling flat in a hilarious manner. 

Trump Issues Warning To Republicans

President Donald Trump is warning Republicans to get it together.

Democrats FREAK OUT Over This Candidate

Democrats have joined with MSM in smearing a Marine vet who is running for Congress.

Nadler Appears to Faint During Event

71-year-old Jerrold Nadler seemed to be feeling his years when he gave those gathered at safety measure event quite the scare. 

Judge Has BAD NEWS For Jussie Smollett

America is getting another shot at delivering justice after one Cook County judge made a ruling to set things right.