Alabama Shooting Prompts Trevor Noah: ‘The Second Amendment Is Not Intended for Black People’

Officers responding to calls of a mall shooting mistakingly killed a black Army vet during Thaknsgiving. The wrongful death drew a somber response from “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah.

Man With Backpack Full Of Drugs Breaks INTO Prison

A man in New Orleans was arrested after attempting to break into jail with a backpack stocked with drugs.

Reporter Contradicts MSNBC, Says Majority of Migrants Are Men

MSNBC was dealt a blow when one of the network’s reporters, broadcasting from Tijuana, Mexico, stated that most of the migrants are men.

Child Disciplined Over Hug, Which Was Labeled a ‘Level One Offense’

A Georgia mother is venting after her middle school daughter was disciplined for hugging a female student who was upset.

FBI Document Lists Proud Boys as ‘Extremist Group With Ties To White Nationalism’

It has come to light that the FBI classifies the activist group known as the ‘Proud Boys’ as an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism.”

Woman Survives Bar Shooting, 24 Hours Later Her Home Taken By Wildfire

It has been a trying period as Deseriee Edman survives back to back tragedies.

13-year-old Reaps Rewards After Inventing Teeth Cleaning Candy

A new candy company is starting to shake the market, and it’s under the control of 13-year-old Alina Morse.

Viral GoFundMe for Homeless Man a Scandalous Fraud

A New Jersey couple and the homeless man they set out to “help” are all being charged in court as details it was all a scam that netted $400,000.

Celebrity Warns Would-Be Looters

Unfortunately in the aftermath of California’s debilitating fires, some degenerates are out to loot from the abandoned properties. They may want to think twice.

The Brave Refuse as High School Students Give Nazi Salute

Baraboo High School in Wisconsin came under scrutiny when a class picture portrayed the class making Sieg Heil gestures. While on student objected.