Ron DeSantis Gives Liberals HARSH Warning

He’s had enough… According to The Blaze, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a stern warning to liberal instigators looking to riot in his state and promised “swift” and “severe” consequences for any would-be rioters. “I think if you look around…

Furious Democrat UNLOADS On Mitch McConnell

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Lindsey Graham Gives Republicans The BAD News

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Kamala Harris Left SPEECHLESS By Republican

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Chuck Schumer Says The UNTHINKABLE On Air

He’s lost all his marbles.

Trump Breaks Silence, WRECKS LeBron James

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Top Republican SHREDS Biden

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Biden Completely HUMILIATED On Air

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Biden Insider SOUNDS The ALARM

Things are much worse than they want us to believe… According to Fox News, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken signaled that it will be “very hard to meet” President Joe Biden’s goal to resettle 62,000 refugees as the administration struggles…

Maxine Waters DROOLS Over Rashida Tlaib

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