MSNBC Host LOSES His Mind On Air, Calls Trump WHAT?

He’s lost all his marbles.

MSNBC Host SNAPS, Calls GOP Senators WHAT?

She’s lost all her marbles.

Hollywood Director SNAPS, Compares Trump To WHAT?

This is crossing the line.

CNN Host SNAPS, Takes AIM At Rudy Giuliani

Here’s what she said.

Rapper Kanye West ENRAGES Liberals After Saying THIS About Trump

Liberals can try to twist things all they want, the truth is the truth…

DOJ Throws A Bone To House Democrats

The Department of Justice is trying to work things out with the House intelligence committee if only Democrats will accept it. 

State Fights Facebook Censorship
Social media giant Facebook has become a tool for leftist to spread their doctrines while silencing conservative voices. Now one state is fighting back against the infringement of freedom. The Texas Senate has proposed Senate Bill 2373, which seeks to…
Democrat ADMITS Party Obsession
Democratic congressman Al Green just let slip exactly why Democrats refuse to give up on impeaching President Donald Trump.  While appearing on MSNBC, Green threw all caution to the wind and shared that “if we don’t impeach this president, he…
In 2 Words Trump Sums Up Investigation
After Attorney General William Barr released the Mueller report to the public showing that Trump is innocent of Russian collusion, the president tore down Democrats for an investigation that he called “total bullsh*t.” “Statements are made about me by certain…
The Role Ivanka Trump Turned Down
Being related to the President of the United States is not a role that some one should envy. In many cases it comes with immense pressure to perform. Such is the case for Ivanka Trump. Earlier in the year there…