CNN Host Wants THIS To Happen To Trump

You won’t believe what he said.

Joe Biden ATTACKS Trump Supporters At Rally

Here’s what happened.

Trump Campaign TAKES DOWN CNN Host ON AIR

He didn’t see this one coming… According to The Blaze, Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh blasted CNN anchor Chris Cuomo for his coverage of the coronavirus pandemic in an interview on the liberal news network. “You had your brother…

Liberals FURIOUS After Biden SNAPS At Reporter

He’s cracking under the pressure… According to The Daily Wire, Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden lashed out at a reporter for asking the former Vice President a question about his embattled son’s ongoing controversy. “There is no controversy about my…

Judge Jeanine Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Biden

She’s not messing around.

Enraged Democrat Completely LOSES It Over Trump

She is going to regret this one.

Republican Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Kamala Harris

This one has to hurt.

Violent Liberals Declare WAR On THESE Monuments

This is just un-American… According to The Daily Wire, violent protesters took to the streets of Santa Fe and removed a monument commemorating Union soldiers’ victory in the Civil War and battles against Native Americans. “The actions and violence that…

Tucker Carlson WARNS Americans Of WHAT?

Here’s what he said.

CNN Host Blatantly ATTACKS Trump

He just made a big mistake.