Leftists Struggle With This Socialist Truth
While socialist leaning Democrats like to keep this issue up for debate, the fact of the matter is clear. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party were socialists.  It doesn’t take much digging to come to this conclusion. The actual name…
Dems Stall Wall Talks With Demands

Talks to finance border security have stalled as Democrats continue to butt heads with the Republicans they are supposed to be compromising with. 

Exposing The State Of The Union Response

After President Trump delivered his State of the Union address, Stacey Abrams presented the Democrats response. But it was far from accurate.

Radical Candidate Wants To ‘Eliminate’ Your Healthcare

One of the first presidential candidates for 2020 is already exposing her true colors. 

Vice President Pence Outs Dems In Interview

With the duration of the government shutdown surpassing a month, Vice President Mike Pence is raging against Democrats for prolonging the shutdown.

Rand Paul Buries Pelosi With His Own Suggestion

Tired of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tactics, Rand Paul has now made his own suggestion regarding President Trump’s State of the Union address. 

Trump Gains Unlikely Ally

President Donald Trump received some surprising support in his battle for the border wall this week.

Biden Believes He’s The One To Beat Trump In 2020

While there are many Democrats lining up to try and best President Trump in the 2020 election, Former Vice President Joe Biden thinks he’s the only one who has a chance. 

The Rich To Foot Ocasio-Cortez’s Bill

While speaking with Anderson Cooper, Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insinuated how the rich would pay for her “Green New Deal.”

Schumer Claims Trump Is ‘Holding The Government Hostage’

As the 116th Congress convened, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer decided the best way to start would be to make inflammatory statements about President Trump.