Hillary Clinton Calls Patriotism Racist
Hillary Clinton is still sore from her defeat by President Donald Trump. Now in a renewed effort to bash the president, Hillary is now claiming that his patriotic campaign slogan is a “white nationalist slogan.” Clinton made the attack from…
Teacher Gives Lesson, Charged With Racism
Dennis Unverferth has been a teacher for over ten years. Well liked by his students and his community, he is considered a model educator. Which is why it’s so surprising that a video he used for teaching has brought charges…
Liberals Attack Ivanka For Inclusive Tweet

It’s just one more instance of liberals deciding that anything a member of the Trump family does is bad or incorrect.

Alabama Shooting Prompts Trevor Noah: ‘The Second Amendment Is Not Intended for Black People’

Officers responding to calls of a mall shooting mistakingly killed a black Army vet during Thaknsgiving. The wrongful death drew a somber response from “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah.

The Brave Refuse as High School Students Give Nazi Salute

Baraboo High School in Wisconsin came under scrutiny when a class picture portrayed the class making Sieg Heil gestures. While on student objected.

Student Cries Wolf with Racist Note

Campus police officers got to the bottom of a racial harassment case at Kansas State University.

Sinead O’Connor Denounces Her Race: ‘What I’m about to say is … so racist’

Sinead O’Connor hasn’t been on the most coherent path. She has recently converted to Islam and changed her name to Shuhada Davitt. Following that she released a scathing statement condemning those who do not identify as Muslim, specifically whites.

Highschooler Beaten Over Confederate Flag Shirt

In one Baltimore high school a student was beaten by a group of peers for wearing a Confederate flag shirt.

Trump Not Welcome According to Former Synagogue President

After being the target of racially motivated killings, the Pittsburgh synagogue’s former president is lashing out at Trump.